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Tree Removal Company Chula Vista California - Tree & Lawn Care Service Of Chula Vista Ca

When It Comes To Tree Removal Services in Chula Vista California, We Are The One You Need!

Tree Removal Services in Chula Vista California, we deliver incredible services when it comes to tree removal

Tree Removal Services in Chula Vista California

When there is a need, we know just how to satisfy it. With the right insured tree service specialist devoted to providing professional, prompt, and high-standard tree removal services in Chula Vista, Ca, you can never go wrong.  This is why we offer the best professional tree trimming, tree removal, and stump removal services for your residential and commercial property at a highly affordable price. With our experience and willingness to satisfy our clients, we have risen to be at the forefront of the tree maintenance business. So, need experienced and certified arborists or a locally owned tree company for your tree care projects? Contact us today!

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Professional Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, and Stump Removal

We are aware that the cause of most fallen trees after the hurricane is due to inappropriate pruning and trimming and this is why we offer professional tree trimming services in Chula Vista to keep your property looking nice and clean.

We do this with the right equipment needed and an ever-ready team who would be more than willing to embark on trimming trees prior to the emergence of the storm (hurricane season).  We do not have a reputation of leaving your property or tree worse than we met it but conspicuously better than we did.

This is one reason why we leave no stone unturned as we prune trees with great dexterity until we are 100% sure that your property is safe and that you are satisfied. 

As much as we love nature and seeing those beautiful palm trees or oak trees standing on your property, we also care about your safety and choices.



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This is why, if for safety or aesthetic reasons, you decide to get rid of a tree stump or a tree itself, we won’t in any way stop you especially when it is for the right reasons.

Our residential and commercial tree removal services are one of a kind and let you remove downed trees and other damaged trees. Tree removal gives you the chance of implementing innovative landscape plans in your residential and commercial properties.

And since we can predict what direction a tree would fall and have climbers to help when needed, we leave you with the only choice of opting for your safety. So, when you want a wood rot or decaying tree removed, just call on us. Our prices are affordable!



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Most of our customers are worried about choosing between stump grinding and stump removal. We can help you make the best choice by offering suggestions and hints at the advantages of one over the other and which best suits your needs.

For stump grinding, you do not get rid of the roots of the tree which total stump removal allows you to do. When the roots are removed, the chances of pests and fungi which cause wood rot are eliminated. Plus, with the right equipment and machines, we can carry out both tasks excellently.

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Affordable Tree Service, a company devoted to offering high-value services to our residential customers

We are Professionals

We don’t only do an amazing job but also care deeply about our customers and ensure they have a great customer service experience that would lead them back to us year after year. We do this by ensuring that our consulting services are packed with value and our customers are better enlightened on what to do regarding the removal of trees that compromise the structure of their properties including the best ways to prepare for the hurricane season. We also work with different utility businesses to provide utility line clearance strategies to help our customers who are concerned about their trees growing close to the utility line.

While we offer emergency services and consulting services together with our commercial services, we make each tree service from us remarkable by doing yet an exceptional job to California homeowners in Chula Vista and its surrounding area.

We are reliable

With a wide range of tree services including debris removal, tree pruning, dead tree removal, root pruning, root grinding, stump grinding, canopy reduction, hedge trimming, and regular tree maintenance, our residential customers have just every tree care problem solved. Add lawn maintenance and ornamental plant maintenance to the list of services we offer and you are guaranteed 360⁰ coverage. We can help maintain ornamental plants by leaving your property colorful and rosy while your lawn is looking nice and clean. 

Doing an excellent job with the right equipment leaves us with a long history of faithfulness to our customers while guaranteeing that the best and most healthy action is taken with full consideration of their property and its safety. This is why we always offer the very best advice or suggestions to our residential customers and give them all the satisfaction they need at a fair price. It would surprise you how prompt we are and how glad we are to deliver our services excellently but you would never know if you never try. So, reach out to us for your tree care services in Chula Vista. 

We enjoy our work

As much as we love to be on yards, we also enjoy helping people. This is a ‘must-have’ for all of our employees as our work requires helping people. We find joy in our work and we are happy while making others happy!

Safety is our Watchword

Paramount attention is put to our workers and clients’ safety as we ensure to make use of modern and working equipment in good shape together with the latest technology and techniques for our work. Our equipment is always tested before any team moves out in order to avoid malfunction. Our clients can rest assured of safety of themselves and their yards while we are there.

Our employees are certified

Both the employees in the lawn section and our arborists are certified. We give no room for unprofessionalism in our company. Every employee you come across is certified in their field and you can trust any response you get from them. Plus they are amazing at what they do.

Satisfied Customers

So far, we have several positive reviews from our customers. From the satisfactory look of their yards to the lovely compliments of our companies and employees and the constant referrals. We are glad we are able to put a smile on their faces and we will keep doing this with the continuous improvement of our company.

Tree Removal Chula Vista Ca

We love trees and the shade they provide to your commercial properties but when the shade is no longer comfortable because it endangers your property or could fall on your building in times of storm, we step in to get it removed. Many California homeowners who take the task into their hands have landed themselves in more danger than the tree would have landed them in. This is why we are aware of the right risk analysis and are capable of removing your tree safely without endangering anything and anyone. Be among the many people in Chula Vista that have remained satisfied after trusting us with their tree maintenance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about our tree removal service in Chula Vista

  • Do you need a permit to cut down a tree in Chula Vista? 

Of course, all cities are guided by certain rules and regulations, and Chula Vista is not exempted. Chula Vista, which happens to be in the Chula Vista-Dade County, has some laws governing the cutting down or removal of trees and the species of trees that are to be cut down. First, a permit is required if you are thinking of getting a tree removed or cut down from both residential and commercial properties. You can apply for the permit at the Building and Zone Department.

The permit would only be issued when the tree, if not removed, would cause any potential damage to you or your property. This is why a certified arborist would have to examine the tree and its surrounding area to note down any inimical tendencies attached to the tree’s presence in that area. Once they compile arborist reports and confirm that the tree, if not removed poses great danger, your tree can be safely removed by certified arborists. However, if there are no risks involved, you would have to opt for mitigation. You can check out the Chula Vista-Dade county laws on trees. 

  • How much does it cost to remove a tree in Chula Vista? 

The cost of tree removal in Chula Vista is not fixed; it varies. So many factors determine the cost like the location of the property where the tree is to be removed, the size and diameter of the tree to be removed, and the tree company to be employed. On average, some arborists would charge anything from $350 to $1400 but this is only an estimate. When estimating the cost of tree removal, it is advisable to always examine the type of tree care project you are embarking on. If you want several trees removed from your commercial or residential property, you would have to put that into consideration.

Also, if your trees are tall and difficult to access (in terms of location or utility line clearance tree pruning), and if you require emergency service, the price you would have to pay would definitely be higher. When the tree is also in a good or healthy state, it becomes more difficult to remove than dead trees. This is why most tree companies prefer to physically assess the tree and its surrounding area before estimates are given. So, estimating or calculating the cost of tree removal services in Chula Vista without taking note of these would be inaccurate.

  • How do I get rid of a tree in Chula Vista? 

Every day, most residential and commercial property owners are walking the path of getting rid of one tree or the other. While this is done daily, there are a host of things to be considered which include finding out if your city or county requires a permit to get trees removed and if yes, what trees are exempt from the code. In Chula Vista, a permit is needed to remove any tree in the Chula Vista-Dade County. Other things to consider include the cost of getting a certified and experienced tree company to help with your tree removal or tree maintenance projects, and consulting with them if there are other ways to ensure your safety like pruning or trimming trees before the hurricane seasons instead of getting rid of the tree completely.

  • How long does it take to cut down a tree?

With professional and certified arborists, you can be assured that the cutting or removal of a tree wouldn’t take so long since they have enough experience to do an exceptional job. However, regardless of the knowledge and expertise, it could take a tree company about three hours or even a day to cut down a tree. This is because when cutting down trees, so many factors have to be considered, and these factors inform the total time or duration it would take. 

A tree that is pretty large and tall would take a longer time to remove than a shorter one. In the same vein, trees that are situated in areas that are free or devoid of utility line clearance, houses, gates, tanks, and other things within their surrounding area would be a lot easier to cut down and would take a shorter time to remove than those located in populated areas. Then there is the nature or health of the tree to be equally considered. Wood rot trees and dead tree removal take lesser time than healthy ones. With all of these factors considered and the number of trees to be removed coupled with the initial preparation and finishing methods to be employed (root grinding, stump grinding, or root pruning), the number of hours it would take to cut a tree cannot be considered without looking into the above factors.

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Tree Removal Service Chula Vista California ensures you are able to enjoy, admire, and be satisfied with every aspect of your home and allows you to proudly show your yards to others. Make your trees look attractive and disease-free with us as you also make your home and surroundings pest-free.

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